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What we do

Experience the roller coaster of the gaming world

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Little Soldiers

1 Unknown's online multiplayer battle royale game. Project Kamikaze is now officially "Little Soldiers" and releasing Early Access in 2nd week of Jan 2024 starting from Playstore.

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Gully Boys

Gully Boys is online multiplayer party game.Extend the fun with friends by your own avatars

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What to know

There is a lot from Unknown. Here is a small sneak peek

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The 3D social networking experience. Engage with friends through voice chat and with your favourite avatar

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Metaverse varies from ownership

"Metaverse," is a portmanteau combining the Greek prefix "meta-," meaning "beyond," with the word "universe," which comes from Latin “universum” (unus “one” + versus “to transform”).

We make games

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1 Unknown is the game studio that takes you to the next level of 3D gaming. We are dare to experiment with new ideas and push the boundaries of impossible in gaming. Our games are not just games, they are experiences that will challenge you, surprise you, and make you feel alive. Whether you want to blast your enemies, team up with your friends, or explore new worlds, we have the game for you. Don’t settle for the ordinary, join the unknown with 1 Unknown.

1 Unknown rocks Avaturn and Unreal Engine to make Unreal. Our games are not for the faint of heart. They are realistic, fun, and immersive. Are you ready to join the unreal? Being indie we know how talent to persue. Have a game idea? Join the team.